Salads are my speciality. Not boring rabbit food, but platefuls of colour, variety, flavour and nutrition. I hope you will enjoy browsing through the site seeing what I can create.


Greetings from sunny Essex UK! 

I am a Rouxbe Qualified Plant Based Cook, and Personal Chef. My personal vegan journey began in 2013, when I discovered this wonderful way to live - eating modern food, full of interesting flavours, packed with healthy nutrition and above all without harming or exploiting animals. 

Please take a look at all the varied and delicious dishes I have prepared and photographed here. 

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Chocolate ganache torte

Homemade raw dessert of chocolate ganache torte with cherry sorbet.&nbsp;</p>

Thai sugar snap pea and roasted peanut salad

The no bun triple decker!

Sunshine on a Plate for busy, hungry, health conscious, compassionate diners!

Vegetable curry, plain and simple!

Nachos with home made cashew cheese peppers and all this trimmings... on my Sunshine plate! ❤️

Stuffed red peppers- I stuffed these with a mixture of vegetable goodies, including artichokes.

Roasted red pepper and cherry tomato soup by Jason Vale.

Vegan quiche - every bit as good as the cruel variety!

Stuffed aubergines. Always a favourite!

Healthy salads are what I love to make.

Textured soya protein mince spag-bo.

Puff pastry mushroom plait.