Baked avocado fries. For the recipe check out this YouTube link



Greetings from sunny Essex, UK.

This is the place I put photos of vegan food I have made, either for myself, family, friends or customers.

In November 2014, I qualifiedbad a Rouxbe Plant Based Professional Cook. 

I became a vegan in May 2013, and soon realised there was a whole new world of flavours, textures, techniques and ingredients to play with. Vegan food is exciting, imaginative, creative and above all, compassionate. 

This year I began a small catering enterprise called Sunshine on a Plate which offers local people fresh nutritious exciting home prepared vegan food to eat at home or work. This was in response to the very limited and mundane selection available locally in the regular take away food outlets.

I have a UK Facebook page  but if you are from outside the UK you may have problems connecting to it. have a look at my food photos and sign the guest book if you care to. 

Chocolate ganache torte

Homemade raw dessert of chocolate ganache torte with cherry sorbet. 

Sunshine on a Plate for busy, hungry, health conscious, compassionate diners!

Thai sugar snap pea and roasted peanut salad

Vegetable curry, plain and simple!

The no bun triple decker!

Nachos with home made cashew cheese peppers and all this trimmings... on my Sunshine plate! ❤️

Stuffed red peppers- I stuffed these with a mixture of vegetable goodies, including artichokes.

Roasted red pepper and cherry tomato soup by Jason Vale.

Vegan quiche - every bit as good as the cruel variety!

Stuffed aubergines. Always a favourite!

Healthy salads are what I love to make.

Textured soya protein mince spag-bo.

Puff pastry mushroom plait.